Beltane: Happy Naked Pagan Day

Lady of the earth’s desire and the earth’s yielding, of the sap rising and the embrace of longing, as the kiss of the sun, awakens you, we too are awakened to the yearning of our bodies and souls. As you unfurl each petal, you release the scent of bluebells, may and apple blossom – this is your love song, your call to union – and we too must answer. Maria Ede-Weaving

I say that tongue in cheek, yet Beltane is one of the most well-known pagan holiday celebrated in the nude. While many traditions do high holidays and other sabbaths in the nude. Beltane marks the return of life and abundance to the earth. It’s a day to celebrate life and fertility.  It marks the time of the fire.

The veil between the two worlds also thins for Beltane, just like it does at Samhain (Halloween).  Bonfires have always played a large part in the celebration. The fires are believed to have protective qualities. Farmers would parade their cows around the bonfires to be exposed to the protective smoke. People would leap over the flames in feats of daring.  Once the fire had died down the ashes were spread on crops, livestock, and daubed on people.

Sex during Beltane is called the Great Rite and is considered sacred sex, much like Hindu Tantra. Having sex during Beltane is considered an act of devotion. The act of sacred sex is thought to encourage the growth of crops. A baby conceived on Beltane is thought to be a direct blessing from the gods.

Last, yet certainly not least, the festival is a celebration of the Sacred Union between the God and the Goddess. The Goddess is the essence of life. The giver of life. The god, in this case,   is the Green Man her divine consort, and passionate lover.  The movie “The Mists of Avalon” beautifully portrays this ritual.

Take some time to smell the flowers, enjoy the outdoors, and maybe even have a happy naked pagan dance of your own.