Bobbi Romans: STOP

STOP- and take time to smell the pumpkins!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I literally come ALIVE with excitement! The crisp air, the holidays and the rising spirits in those around me.

I used to take on too much and actually MISS the enjoyment. Had my October plan . This haunted house, that pumpkin patch, this line-up of horror movies and baking, baking, baking.

Now, I’ve slowed to actually ENJOY the month!

For those that love to tackle a lot, here’s a few fun ideas.

Specialty cooking:
Monster fingers & Blood Soup. (Rolled Bread sticks stuffed w/ham and cheese and shaped into fingers served with tomato soup)

Frankenstein Casserole. (Chili with cornbread mix on top then use carrots, olives, green and red bell peppers to make a face.)

Spider Web brownies! (Brownies cooked on stoneware pizza sheet then white icing to create web)

Pumpkin Pizza’s. (Simply split English muffins, top with pizza or spaghetti sauce & mozzarella, then using a pizza cutter, shape pepperoni into triangles to make “pumpkin faces.”

Take clear Solo (or store brand) cocktail cups and with marker, make a Frankenstein face (then fill with Pistachio pudding) or a pumpkin face (and fill with orange jello or pumpkin pudding (or dye vanilla pudding)

All time favorite? KITTY LITTER CAKE! (Just google for directions)

Now, onto MOVIES!!!

Favorites for Family:

The Witches with Angelica Houston
Hocus Pocus
Little Witches

For the Grown-Ups:

Wrong Turn
If you’ve somehow missed American Horror Story rent/buy, Season 1 and 4 are my favorites!
ANY old Vincent Price flick! (House of Long Shadows, House on Haunted Hill, Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven, House of Wax, Madman, any!
The House on Haunted Hill remake was really good.
As was Rose Red and The Haunting!
*Decorations! They don’t have to cost a lot*.

(2) Wooden Pallets, spray paint black (don’t worry about covering, just paint enough they aren’t blinding pine white) lights underneath a few tombstones on top or zombie hands or plastic dollar stores skeletons!

Use PVC to create a giant grim reaper. (PVC and Elbows, then drape a black sheet on and around then put some lights underneath!)

Bottom line, HAVE FUN!!!
For those of you who are readers of mine….

Coming SOON- Dark Justice: Vengeance with Style!


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