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Strange Beginnings


Emmeline Blackwell’s life has been surrounded by death since she was a little girl. Now death, in the form of man, is stalking her. The man who tried to kill her once is still trying to take her life from her. Because of him she is always looking over her shoulder. She has been running from him for years, but must now take drastic measures to hide from the lunatic. 

She moves across country to a smaller city to hide among the populace. Emma has to change everything, including her name, in order to hide her past from everyone. 
Cord Masterson is the sheriff of Stillwater, OK who hides a deep secret of his own. Sparks fly the moment the two meet. But it appears that even sparks can’t keep her past at bay. When young women are found murdered in Stillwater, can Cord keep Emma safe from her past and still manage to be a part of her future?

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 5 reviews
 by Shakir Rashaan
Strange Beginnings...and a Strange Beginning it was!

This book has it all: twists, turns, a crime that needed to be handled, and a few characters that you could really have a beer with...

I'm a huge fan of mysteries, and Strange Beginnings has me waiting to see what else is in store, and I'm not saying anything about the'll have to read for yourself...whew!

I highly recommend this book, and I'm looking forward to reading more from this series...Ms. Fox, you have me hooked, and that is VERY hard to do!

 by Amazon Customer
Intriguing and Great Story Telling

This is one of those books that you don't want to stop reading. I was perturbed each time I had to stop to do something else. There were eye-opening new things about the characters all through the book and an unexpected ending. The one thing that bothered me was the grammatical errors. I blame inadequate editing for this. That given I still recommend the book to all.

 by Witchy Woman
Read it!

Get this paranormal/murder/mystery/thriller and it will keep you on your toes, it has it all and then some. This book is an easy read, a great story and intriguing from start to finish.

 by Clare Roden
Must read!

Wow what a great story from the talented Candi Fox!!! I started this book and couldn't put it down, it is a story full of murder mystery and magic and very hot alpha male characters all wanting the attention of the very beautiful and bewitching Emma/Arabella who is on the run from a past boyfriend who once tried to kill her. Lots of action and enough going on to keep you reading. Im really looking forward to the next book in this series.

 by The_Lone_Alpha
Most definitely a must read!!!

I have read this book probably 15 times since receiving it. As an avid reader I can safely say that Strange Beginnings is one of the twistiest turniest paranormal crime novels I have ever read, and in the best way possible. The characters are all relatable in one way or another, and it allows you to really fall into the mystery of this young girl's life. The ending gave me chills the first time, and the fifteenth time, and every time in between. This novel is a 20/10 and I would and will recommend it to everyone I know. I absolutely cannot wait to see more from this author!!!