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Viper : The Prophecy (Odin’s Wolves MC Book 2)


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Gaia. the mother of all created a werewolf shifter class to serve as guardians. To avoid war, Gaia gifted those that answered the call to Odin, who infused the warriors with immortality creating a class of demigods who fight for justice.

20 years ago, the world found out that humans were not the only Earth dwellers. Now Dark Fae and Shifters live in the light.
Logan Haagan: Viper, Viking demigod, and retired Dallas police officer will join his brothers in White Horse, OK as part of the OWMC who will work to exact justice when the law can’t. Before leaving Dallas, Viper sees Lady Death fight in an underground ring. The fight has mafia ties and ruthlessly pits all manner of dark fae creatures often encouraging the death of the loser.

Billie, Lady Death has been fighting for the Tromlui capo, Cayum since she was a teenager. She becomes a champion of the ring and wants nothing more than to win her contract back and help her friend who is being threatened. Viper and Synne, a dark fae, work to get her released, but Cayum is not easily discouraged and will stop at nothing to keep Billie right where he wants her.
Viper and Billie are sent to New Orleans to uncover a curse, unearth an ancient vampire relic, and discover an age-old prophecy that will change everything…
Don’t miss this epic tale of myths, justice, and prophecy.

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