Halloween Hideaway





Halloween Hideaway


Just over the hill and around the bend. To the left down the road, a piece lay a small town called Halloween Hideaway. An odd little town. A place where Halloween happened all the time. Founded in October the town held a month-long festival for all its residents.

The town founded by a donkey named Duke. In the normal world, Duke was just a donkey. His former humans used him to guard their horses. Every fall they’d use their property to make scary trails. People dressed up as monsters to jump out and scare the others.

Duke didn’t like it. He didn’t like it when the kids shrieked not in fun but in real horror. Sometimes they remained scared terrified. Others would make fun of them because being scared should be fun. After all, Halloween remained one of the world’s favorite holidays. Shouldn’t the holiday be fun for everyone?

One day Duke’s humans got in their truck but never came. New people came. They took the horses and other animals one by one leaving Duke alone in the field. With no one else around he got lonely and left the farm.

He wondered for days. Looking here and there. Searching everywhere. He was about to give up hope of ever finding a new home when he stumbled up a hill and around a bend. Turning to the left and down the road a piece. It was a small encampment. The animals weren’t just animals there. They could walk and talk just like the humans. And the humans in the camp didn’t seem to mind.

As the years went by the number of people in the camp grew. Duke had become their unspoken leader. One day he gathered all the residence together and suggested they form a town. That day Halloween Hideaway was born.