Interview with a Voodoo Queen

Interview with a Voodoo Queen

Many have wondered over the years, who Marie Laveau really was. Was she the voodoo queen of all times? Was she the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner? Did she actually live for over a century looking eternally youthful?

So many mysteries surround her life and her death. Is Marie still reaching the masses from beyond the grave? Sit back and enjoy while I interview the voodoo queen herself.

Candi Fox: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and answer some questions, Marie. I am honored by your presence here today and I look forward to getting to know your better.

Marie Laveau: Thank you child. You and I we have much to discuss. Know this, you are called by me. You are marked by me and we will be working together for years to come. Once I call someone they are mine.

She looked at me those mesmerizing eyes, a smile played across her beautiful face. I was called. This was new to me yet it felt like I had always known.

Fox: I have to say, I’m blown away by those words. As intrigued as I am. Id’ like to ask you a few questions for our audience.  Who was your father?

Laveau: (A smile lights up her face. Her voice was smooth as honey on a warm summer’s day.) My father’s name was Charles Leveaux. He was a plantation owner of some means. My mother was his mistress. It was common in those days for wealthy men to have mistresses of color. My mother was of French, African, and Indian decent. My grandmother was the daughter of a French trapper and a Cree medicine woman.  Magick has been in my family for generations, and it will continue to be in my family for generations to come.

Fox: Did you live for more than a century?

Laveau: Now that can be a tricky question child. In many ways I am still alive. If I give you an answer it could ruin some of the mystery surrounding me. I will tell you this.  I didn’t perform any magick rituals to stay young, or beautiful. It’s a gift that runs in my family. My physical body lived as long as it was required to do so. Now I am free of that shell and I live still.

Fox: What is one piece of advice you would give a voodoo practitioner today?

Laveau: First I want to say this magick is old, and ancient. It calls to some, but not to all. This is not a way to shake some bones, and charge folk and say it is done. Do not mess with the spirits, for they will mess with you, and they always win. Never think you are above them.

Close your eyes child, breathe in the air around you. I want you to feel my energy. Feel the energy that exists on a primal nature. Do you feel the pulse, the heartbeat of the earth? This is what it means to be voudon. We hold the world’s heart beat in our hands.

Now it’s time for me to go. We will chat soon.

Before my eyes she fades into nothingness.