Nadia Romanov: Essays from the Edge

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmond Burke


This, perhaps above all, is the principle by which, writer, Nadia Romanov walks through life. Known for her blunt style of written expression, this self proclaimed ‘speaker of unpopular truths; is adamant about giving a voice to those who go unheard, and speaking of experiences, we all are more comfortable keeping silent.

After years of sharing life perspective blogs, poetry, and reviews of her favorite books, film, and music, Nadia is about to release her first book.

Due out in January 2017, “Essays from the Edge” is a collection of experiences from in and around Nadia’s life, and the lessons she learned from them. Viewing life as a series of ‘edges’ on which we precariously balance, always with the choice of fall, fly, or stay steady and climb, the notoriously private Nadia, opens her life and heart to her readers.

Why is this book, and not the novels she has in queue to publish, being shared first? ‘We are all constantly presented with experiences, opportunities to shrink or shine, learn or regress’, says Nadia. “I don’t believe anyone else necessarily needs the same lessons that I have, but I am hoping, that in sharing my process for excavating the gem from the rubble, others can either gain an advantage, or see how to carve out their own path with a few less bruises. Some of these stories are funny; it is not all heavy and intense, but that too is a point to remember – lessons can come easily, and sometimes amidst laughter not tears.’

Spanning her life as a single mother, business woman, writer, mystical consultant, social advocate and more, we get a glimpse into Nadia’s family, her work with the homeless and abused, her love for literature and film, and much more.

Nadia will be sharing excerpts from ‘Essays from the Edge’ as it gets closer to release. Follow her on social media for information on preordering a signed copy, as well as for her blogs, book excerpts, and other wordy wonders.

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